We offer a comprehensive solution from the design through to the finished product.
Our integrated research office is on hand to ascertain and analyse your needs.
To take your working environment into consideration and provide adapted solutions. From the design of plans, or from your plans, we manufacture tailor-made products in our workshops..

Listening  & collaboration

Comefi offers reliable and innovative technical solutions to create your containers.

Our skills allow us to work on the manufacture of your containers from prototype to series. Comefi has expertise in a wide range of technologies to create your containers in steel, aluminium and stainless steel in small or large series.

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With tailor-made solutions, our integrated research office is on hand to determine and analyse your needs, to take your working environment into consideration and provide adapted solutions.

made-in-franceAll our customised containers are manufactured in our factory in Normandy. Long live Made in France!
We have the solutions and expertise to take on your projects. Our strong points are meeting deadlines and the quality of our products.

Our assets :


  • 20 years of experience which allow us to be a recognised professional in the manufacture of industrial containers
  • Our complementary business lines: Manufacture, Rental, Repair/Refurbishment
  • An integrated research office, ensuring an excellent response

Study & design

Thanks to our integrated research office, we can respond to the most precise industrial requirements and find the most appropriate technical solutions.

“Made in France” products

The controlled manufacturing in our workshops ensures you have peace of mind. Productivity and quality are assured by qualified technicians who work efficiently.


Internally or with our partners, we can provide finishing works such as: painting, galvanisation and various surface treatments.

Take a look at our showroom

showroom conteneur industriel

Our example products are proof of our professionalism. Design and manufacture ensures high quality services as well as a quick response for the simplest of projects. Comefi has developed unique expertise in the design and manufacture of containers.

The most innovative solutions, both in terms of study methods and production tools, are used every day to respond to the most demanding clients. For each product, from the most simple to the most complex, Comefi uses a genuine quality assurance policy to give you peace of mind.